hi! I'm brittany. 

I can't say for sure when my love for graphic design began, but I do remember making some pretty serious sticker labels for my mixed CDs in my younger years.  I double majored in fashion design and fashion merchandising at California State University, Long Beach (yes, I know how to sew!) and although it's not exactly the same, I feel as though I probably use more of my degrees than most people these days! 

I love creating beautiful things and thrive on collaboration - whether that's with my clients, wedding designers or other industry creatives - collaboration is what makes the magic.

I'm married to the most handsome gentleman, Willem, and we have one sweet rescue pup #MaceyGreyDeRidder! I like to think she was placed on this earth just for us. 

Let's set the tone for one amazing event - invitations are, after all, your guests first impression. 

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